An introduction to
Family & Systemic Constellations

Constellations are a powerful healing modality that has some unique insights and tools for change:

  • The Ancestors: They remind us that the ancestors are real and we can connect with them.
  • The Unconscious of Systems: They make it possible for us to perceive and work with the unconscious of systems: organizational, internal, and natural, but especially family systems, or what founder Bert Hellinger calls “the family soul.”
  • The Power & Consequences of Belonging: They show that we live our lives within these systems – especially our family systems – and that we are inevitably affected by what is unresolved or out of balance in them, often giving insight into “symptoms” that have baffled and plagued us for years.
  • Honoring What Is: They have a poignant ability to reveal what has been most outcast, forgotten, or resisted in a family or other system, giving us the ability to finally honor and include what had been lost, restoring systems to balance.
  • Healing & Our Proper Birthright: Because of all this, they can bring peace and a renewed aliveness for individuals who live in and belong to these systems – that’s you, and me, and our clients.

As a result, Constellations Work often provides what we’ve been needing in our search for healing, because it has the larger systemic perspective we’ve been missing. If you are new to constellations and want to know more, try some of the links below.

Articles & Videos

What are Constellations? by Jane Peterson
Brief Introduction to the Orders of Love by Jane Peterson
What is a Constellation? video by Jane Peterson
Male Lineage Constellation video by JoAnne Chartrand & Dyrian Benz
Interview with Bert Hellinger video by Dyrian Benz
Talk on Exclusion by Bert Hellinger
Are the Ancestors Real? video by Dan Booth Cohen
Representational Representation video by Dan Booth Cohen
What Does a Family Constellations Facilitator Look For? by Leslie Nipps
Does Ancestral Trauma Matter? video by Leslie Nipps
Orders of Love Video Series by Leslie Nipps
What Are Constellations? by Suzi Tucker
The Art & Practice of Facilitating by Suzi Tucker

2018 & 2019 Intensive Faculty

This hour-long webinar recording features 2018 Intensive faculty members Sarah Peyton, JoAnne Chartrand, Dyrian Benz, and Leslie Nipps.

Watch here >


This hour-long webinar recording features 2019 Intensive faculty members Sarah Peyton, & Suzi Tucker with organizer Leslie Nipps.

Watch here >


This hour-long webinar recording features 2019 Intensive faculty members Suzi Tucker & Peter DeVries with organizer Leslie Nipps.

Watch here >


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