We gathered at the beautiful Mount Madonna Center in Santa Cruz, CA


Mount Madonna Center is a conference and retreat center nestled among Redwood groves on top of the Santa Cruz Mountains. It is also a yoga community, dedicated to creating a warm, beautiful and gracious environment for a wide range of programs and interests. It is located over beautiful Monterey Bay, with a 180 degree overlooking the ocean.  

This is a great location if you decide to add vacation time to surrounding areas — San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, Monterey and many other world-class vacation locales are nearby.

“You are in the mountains where there is fresh air and water, where there are trees and plants and  streams. Sit with them and enjoy the creation of God. God and creation are not separate. The idea is to attain peace.” – Baba Hari Dass


“There is a sacredness that permeates the property and the programs.”

This year, our venue offers a wide variety of comfortable and modern lodgings, from singles, to doubles, to quads, and campsites. Most of the lodging is in the same building as our programs; other lodging is a short walk down the hill from where we will be doing our work. For more details about lodging options, go to our registration page.


Meals & Dining

“The food is just great and I haven’t eaten so well in ages, delicious and quite nourishing with a varied vegetarian selection served cafeteria-style.”

Since Mount Madonna is, in addition to a conference center, an ashram, all food is vegetarian. The food is bountiful and made with love. Gluten free and vegan options are always available. Most special diets can be accommodated by request.


Location & Travel

Mount Madonna Center is located in one of the most beautiful areas of the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. It is quite rural, about fifty minutes drive south of San Jose Airport (SJC) and about a one and a half hour drive from San Francisco Airport (SFO). We recommend flying into SJC, and carpooling with others to get to the venue.

Within about an hour of Mount Madonna, you can enjoy the boardwalk, beaches and amusement parks of Santa Cruz; camping in the Santa Cruz Mountains; history, whales and the world-famous Aquarium in Monterey; otters, seals and an old fishing village at Moss Landing; and much more. San Francisco proper is about two hours away.

More About Mount Madonna Center

From their website:

As a learning community, Mount Madonna Center provides context for experiential learning, allowing both personal and collective exploration for those seeking a path to peace. An economy of giving, sharing, service, and care offers a viable alternative to the separation and isolation of much of modern life. Life at the Center is both active and reflective, where those things that have heart and meaning structure everyday life.”

“Mount Madonna is an intentional space for people choosing a lifestyle of conscious self-development. A deep relational field fostered during the Center’s many decades of community life provides a familial space for those who find themselves here for any length of time.”

For more history about Mount Madonna go to https://www.mountmadonna.org/history-origins. Mount Madonna Center wants to create an unforgettable experience for us. The staff is friendly and eager to help. For more information about Mount Madonna please visit their website: https://www.mountmadonna.org/.