Sponsor the 2019 West Coast Constellations Intensive…

Would you like to advertise your services and products, while supporting the growth of international constellations work?

The mission of the West Coast Systemic Constellations is to promote the work of constellations in the West Coast region of the USA and the Pacific Rim, and to support the expansion of a rich network of clients, practitioners, trainers and service providers for the increased wellness of our communities. Every year, we gather to strengthen our bonds so that we can share our skills and vision for the growth of our healing work. We invite you and your services to be part of that mission.

This event is attended by a students from around the world, and especially from the West Coast and Northern California. This makes our event an especially good place to share information about your West Coast-based constellation work and other holistic services (bodywork, coaching, wellness products, etc.). It is also a great audience for Northern California-based tourist services, like whale watching, parks, outdoors activities, and aquariums. We invite you to support this event through your financial sponsorship, and by sharing your service with our attendees, large network of colleagues, and our growing mailing list.

Sponsorship Levels:

$50 – Logo included in our newsletters and website, and literature available on a table at the event

$125 – All of the above, plus a quarter page ad in three of our newsletter issues

$250 – All of the above, plus an article highlighting your services in our newsletter, and an announcement at the event promoting your services.

Deadline for sponsorship opportunities is February 15th (although the earlier you begin your sponsorship, the more exposure your services can receive). Please contact our Organizer, Leslie Nipps, for more information to apply for a sponsorship.

We thank our current Sponsors!

Click on their logos, below, to visit their websites and find out more:

  • Hellinger DC is where many trainers send their students to find affordable and easily available critical constellations texts and resources by Bert Hellinger and others.
  • The Knowing Field, currently the only international English-language journal available on constellation work, is a  source of nourishment and education for constellations facilitators and trainers around the world.
  • Seeing with Your Heart is Dan Cohen and Emily Blefeld, offering private constellations healing work and trainings, engaging the vast web of consciousness beyond human scale.
  • Re:Source Healing is Alison Fornés and Anayza Stewart, partners in offering online constellations and intuitive healing work, so that you may know your true nature.
  • Relational Constellation Institute of California is JoAnne Chartrand and Dyrian Benz, offering trainings in Santa Barbara, CA focused on healing developmental, personal, systemic, ancestral, and bonding trauma.
  • Channel of Global Growth (COGG) offers live webinars, recorded interviews, and other resources to share the insights of leaders in the field of constellation work, and other systemic, cutting edge approaches.
  • All My Relations Constellations is Francesca Mason Boring, a bi-cultural teacher enrolled with the Western Shoshone Tribe who facilitates Family, Human & Natural Systems Constellations as Ceremony, providing a transformational walk for those who are ready to live in the flow of love, life, health and prosperity.