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2018 Intensive Schedule

Day 1: Wednesday, May 30th
3:00–6:00pm Registration Opens
6:00–6:45pm Dinner
7:00–9:00pm Opening Circle & Welcoming Ceremony
Days 2–4: Thursday–Saturday, May 31st–June 2nd
7:00–7:45am Morning Activity (Optional)—Participant Led
8:00–8:45am Breakfast
9:00–10:15am Morning Gathering
10:30–12:45pm Morning Cohort Circle (Thursday); Various Workshops (Friday & Saturday)
1:00–1:40pm Lunch
2:00–3:00pm Free time
3:15pm–5:45pm Afternoon Cohort Circle
6:00–6:45pm Dinner
7:00–9:00pm Open Space (Thursday and Friday); Community Celebration (Saturday)
Day 5: Sunday, June 3rd
7:00–7:45am Morning Activity (Optional)–Participant Led
8:00–8:45am Breakfast
9:00–11:45am Morning Cohort Circle
12:00–12:45pm Final Celebration and Closing Ceremony
1:00–1:45pm Lunch
2:00pm Departure
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Participants at the 2017 Intensive

Participants at the 2017 Intensive

1. Morning Activity (Optional)–Participant Led

Do you lead a practice that would make a good morning activity? Yoga, tai-chi, sunrise walks, meditation, or something else? Let us know what you would like to lead and share.

2. Morning Gathering with Faculty Reflections

Each morning will begin with a short faculty talk on the theory, practice or history of Constellation work, followed by a large group Constellation exercise or ceremony. Large group exercises might include welcoming the land, as well as addressing social issues that are of interest to the group. The goal will be to connect the group and to go on adventure with each other with our personal and global concerns. And to have fun!

3. Morning and Afternoon Sessions: Cohort Circles

All participants will be assigned to a Cohort Circle with whom they will learn and travel during the entire Intensive. Faculty will rotate through leading each group so that all participants will be able to work with all of the faculty. This builds a sense of group safety and trust that allows us to go very deeply into our work.

Although we will assign participants roughly by their experience level, all Cohort Circles will have the following activities and goals:

  1. Individual and group growth, evolution, and exploration as participants represent in constellations led by the faculty.
  2. Group learning facilitated by the faculty and each other (peer learning).
  3. Reflection on constellation experiences as a means for deeper engagement.
  4. Different ways of doing constellations together as a way to pursue diverse healing movements and learning.
  5. Discussion, questions and reflection together on the work.
  6. For those who want and who are experienced facilitators, the opportunity to facilitate under the guidance and mentoring of the faculty.

Because of these group goals, we ask that all participants agree to the following guidelines:

  1. Participants agree to hold confidentiality and support each other in creating a safe space for the work, offering and respecting each other’s vulnerability.
  2. Participants take care of themselves, respecting the needs of the entire group as well as their own, and ask for what they need.
  3. Participants engage the process in a spirit of inquiry and adventure.
  4. Participants who ask to facilitate must have experience as facilitators.
  5. Participants are willing to explore personal issues under the leadership of the faculty and other experienced facilitator/participants.
  6. Participants who agree to facilitate accept constructive feedback with an open mind and offer it to others with honesty and kindness.

4. Morning Workshops

The faculty will offer workshops on a variety of topics for deeper inquiry into different areas of constellations work. Registrants will make workshop choices when they arrive on-site.

5. Open Space Gatherings (Optional)–Participant Led

The evenings are devoted to constellations, workshops, conversations, presentations, music, dance or other offerings. We want what you have to offer! Space will be available based on upon the interest of participants. This is a great time for budding facilitators to try something new. Open Space is organized on site, but we would love to hear about your offerings in advance.

Certificate of Attendance

A Certificate of Attendance will be issued to all participants as part of their Intensive fees. It is the responsibility of each participant to limit the application of this approach to those clients and situations for which he or she has the appropriate qualifications. This Intensive does not qualify participants to practice psychotherapy or constitute a certification to practice Constellations.

With Regrets – Continuing Education Credit

In the last few years, California has made it increasingly difficult to qualify for Continuing Education Certification. As a result, we will not be offering CEs for the Intensive.

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A small-group cohort meeting at the 2017 Intensive

A small-group cohort meeting at the 2017 Intensive

Participants celebrating on the last evening at the 2017 Intensive

Participants celebrating on the last evening at the 2017 Intensive