Donate to Support Diversity at the Intensive

One of the great insights of constellations work is recognizing that everyone belongs, and noting how systemic structures prevent the full inclusion of many. And unfortunately, as a system itself, constellations work can be complicit in those exclusions through our work and practice. It takes conscious commitment to expand the circle so that all who do belong have a good place. Therefore, the West Coast Constellations Intensive values diversity of all kinds, including economic diversity.

Having said that, as a new event, at this time we do not have sufficient income to subsidize the attendance of low-income participants and still keep the cost reasonable for everyone. It is one of our goals to grow to that level! In the meantime, every year, we get inquiries from serious students of constellation work who would like to attend, but cannot for financial reasons.

Would you like to help subsidize such a student? All gifts will go 100% to a student who has requested that support. Contact our Organizer, Leslie Nipps, about arranging for such a donation. Thank you for your generosity!

Please Note: The West Coast Systemic Constellations Intensive is not filed as a non-profit entity. We are happy to send you a receipt for your gift by request, but it cannot be considered a deductible donation by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

If you are a student requesting this support, we cannot guarantee that we can financially assist you, but please send inquiries to Peter Touchard, our registrar.