Feeling Loved in a Way I Didn’t Feel Was Possible

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Connie Rogers, who attended the West Coast Intensive in 2017, has written movingly about her experience with the Intensive in The Knowing Field, the English-language International Constellations Journal.

Connie is is a shamanic practitioner in Washington State. She intends to bring constellations work to the Addiction/ Recovery Community.

She wrote: “Something I’ve observed in the short year since I’ve entered the Constellations Field is the instant intimacy and lowering of judgement that happens during and after participating in a Constellation. The kind of connection that rips through all the surface stories, prejudices and judgements, alongside the instant compassion and understanding I’ve only experienced through doing this work…

Not only is there a breakthrough into authentic intimacy, but within the residential setting of having meals together, spending time in a shared passion and interest creates significant bonds that open up conversation and communication not otherwise so readily available.

The thought, heart and fortitude that went into the planning and execution of the Intensive were so beautifully obvious. The participants were just as obviously appreciative of the effort. The unique styles of the faculty were a blessing to everyone! They covered so much of the different knowledge and experience participants were looking for….

I’m still basking in the afterglow of this intensive; feeling nourished, sated and spiritually expanded, as well as more grounded in my own family lineage. A deeper appreciation and a stronger connection to my ancestral field have been a satisfying by-product.

I’m feeling loved and held in a way that I didn’t believe possible, especially since I grew up far away from all my family on my mother’s side and I never knew any of my biological father’s family…

My most sincere gratitude to all those who created and successfully pulled-off this gathering and to all those who showed up too and helped to make it such an enjoyable experience! It’s a definite on my calendar for next year!

See Connie’s full article here.

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