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2017 West Coast Systemic Constellations Intensive a Beautiful Success!

Thank you to everyone who came to our beautiful event in Los Gatos, May 10–14. We gathered as a community with a sense of deep safety to take risks and seek adventures together. We can’t wait until next year!

2017 Constellation Intensive participants

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2017 Theme: Spirit & Adventure — Roots & Homecoming

The theme of our first Western Intensive reflected that it was our first time having this event on this side of the country. It also reflects what’s special about an INTENSIVE — it’s about:

  • going deeply,
  • taking risks,
  • making new connections, and
  • having a profound experience of being part of a learning community.

We wanted this Intensive to reflect what is unique about our region: its beauty,  spirituality, history and contribution to human development. And, as we honor our history, we look toward our personal and collective futures — what is emerging, and what wants to become new in our own lives?


From the participants:

  • “I received more than I ever expected or imagined!”
  • “Way beyond my expectations.”
  • “The learning and healing were most valuable for me.”
  • “Learning from three different amazing faculty who work very differently.”
  • “Learning, trusting, community.”
  • “Being with fellow seekers.”
  • “What a wonderful location!”
  • “I loved the opportunity to go so deep.”
  • “Fun, deep, well held, well taken care of.”
  • “Richness of topics and variety of teachings.”
  • “The wisdom, experience, community—reasonably priced, well-organized.”
  • “I valued the wise and wonderful facilitators and fellow attendees.”
  • “The Intensive has a wonderful feel of professionalism coupled with a personal warmth.”
  • “I am very grateful and honored to have been able to participate in such a beautiful setting complete with deer and a luminous atmosphere.”
  • “Close contact with faculty and intimacy of the cohorts.”
  • “A good way to dive into constellation work!”

Who taught?

2017’s faculty roster comprised three well known and well loved Constellation trainers:

  • Francesca Mason Boring
  • Gary Stuart
  • Leslie Nipps

Please check them out on our 2017 Faculty page.

Where was the intensive held?

The 2017 intensive was held in Los Gatos, CA just south of San Jose, at the Presentation Center. Please see our 2017 Venue page for more info.

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