The Third Annual

West Coast Constellations Intensive

March 8 – 12, 2019

Santa Cruz, CA, USA

We did it!

Four days of glorious learning in community…

We dove deeply into family constellations with these three world class trainers:

Sarah Peyton
Peter Devries
Suzi Tucker

A Call To Optimism:
From Isolation to Resilience

Images & words from our time together


Testimonials from our attendees:

It was a rich learning environment – beautiful teachers and modeling.

I loved connecting with others on a healing path.

I appreciated the connections made with wonderful, talented, interesting and caring people!

Exceeded my expectations…

It’s wonderful to have a spectrum of expertise on the faculty.

My expectations were surpassed due to the trainers’ talents and soul!

I am feeling inspired, hopeful, curious, joyful, satisfied, and more peaceful.

Very magical!

The cohort circles were excellent as we got to bond and learn in comfortably-sized groups.

It was well worth the money!

Community holding, self-assessment, enrichment of healing personally and together…

I wanted more understanding of my personal situation, and I got that.

I really loved how welcoming and appropriate it was for all levels.

Each of the faculty brought their unique genius and gifts so fully and maturely…

I’d recommend the Intensive to others because it rocked!





We’ll be back in 2020!

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Description of 2019 Event…

In a culture that feels increasingly fragmented and divided, with challenges that invite us into the most serious action and commitment, we long to feel connected, supported, and open to each other in our diversity. To really be there for ourselves and each other.

Healing can be defined as bringing together parts that have been separated. We move from a kind of fragmentation that happens in the face of great strife, whether in communities or within the individual soul, to the reparation that naturally occurs when we commit to truly seeing one another — and ourselves — with compassion.

At this five day Family Constellations retreat in beautiful Santa Cruz, CA, USA, we will joyfully, bravely and tenderly explore this healing work. Our theme this year, A Call To Optimism: From Isolation to Resilience, is an invitation to rediscover the power of the shared space in which all are welcome and to rise up to declare the full force of love. It is an invitation to walk in the company of caring others as we seek out the wisdom of our ancestors to move forward more boldly and in greater unity.

What is Family & Systemic Constellations Work?

This Intensive is centered in the practice founded by Bert Hellinger, and since developed as a means of cross-generational inquiry and healing. The traumas of history linger when they can’t be fully acknowledged and dealt with at the time. That unresolved history shows up in our personal and collective pain. Through constellations work we can include all that has taken place, release what is over, and receive deep strength for our paths ahead.

If you are new to constellations work, go to our What are constellations? page to find out more. We invite you to take this journey in a beautiful place, with fellow explorers, guided and supported by our world-famous faculty.

Who is this event for?

This event is for:

  • People longing for resolution of some deep patterns of sadness, guilt, anger or fear, and suspect connecting with your ancestors might be what you need.
  • Seekers of all types, curious about growing in wisdom and love, and intrigued by new approaches.
  • Constellation “fans” who enjoy the idea of deep-diving for five days into this beautiful and soul-stirring work.
  • Constellation facilitators and trainers who are looking for new approaches to the work, and who want to up-level their practice.
  • Admirers of Sarah, Peter and Suzi, who know their fine work, and want to work with them more!

2017 Constellation Intensive participantsAll levels of constellations experience are welcome! Whether brand new to constellations, or an experienced facilitator or trainer, the program is designed to provide ample opportunities for participants to do their personal work and/or professional learning in a safe, supportive environment. The structure of the Intensive means that the work will be customized for the learning and growth level of the participant.

For Personal Work and for Collective Healing

Bring your hopes, wounds and unspoken yearning. Bring your questions about the possibilities and challenges that face our communities and the planet. Bring your sense of adventure to explore the unfulfilled gifts of our lineages and of our larger, mysterious and life-giving world. We hope to see you soon!

We Thank Our Sponsors

We are grateful to our sponsors for generously supporting the work of the West Coast Intensive. Click on their logos, below, to visit their websites and learn more:

  • Hellinger DC is where many trainers send their students to find affordable and easily available critical constellations texts and resources by Bert Hellinger and others.
  • The Knowing Field, currently the only international English-language journal available on constellation work, is a  source of nourishment and education for constellations facilitators and trainers around the world.
  • Seeing with Your Heart is Dan Cohen and Emily Blefeld, offering private constellations healing work and trainings, engaging the vast web of consciousness beyond human scale.
  • Re:Source Healing is Alison Fornés and Anayza Stewart, partners in offering online constellations and intuitive healing work, so that you may know your true nature.
  • Relational Constellation Institute of California is JoAnne Chartrand and Dyrian Benz, offering trainings in Santa Barbara, CA focused on healing developmental, personal, systemic, ancestral, and bonding trauma.
  • Channel of Global Growth (COGG) offers live webinars, recorded interviews, and other resources to share the insights of leaders in the field of constellation work, and other systemic, cutting edge approaches.
  • All My Relations Constellations is Francesca Mason Boring, a bi-cultural teacher enrolled with the Western Shoshone Tribe who facilitates Family, Human & Natural Systems Constellations as Ceremony, providing a transformational walk for those who are ready to live in the flow of love, life, health and prosperity.

Would you like to join these sponsors and advertise your services and products with our audience and support the Intensive? Check out our Sponsorship Opportunities!