2018 Intensive

2018 Intensive
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The 2019 Intensive will be announced soon!
In the meantime, you can peruse the archives of our past Intensives.

2018 West Coast Systemic Constellations Intensive a Beautiful Success!

Thank you to everyone who came to our beautiful event in San Anselmo, May 30th–June 3rd, 2018. We gathered for the second time as a community and dove even more deeply into the field of constellations together. We can’t wait until next year!

2018 Constellation Intensive participants

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2018 Theme: Returning to the Full Circle…

The theme of our second Western Intensive reflected the challenges of our world today, as well as a celebration of coming back together in the West to dive deeply into ancestral healing work. In the year since we last met, Charlottesville and Santa Barbara, Puerto Rico and Houston—and all they represent in history and in our planet’s unfolding present—have been much in our minds, and much more. Where is our place in this? How can we find personal and collective healing?

Circles are a powerful metaphor in constellation work. They represent the fundamental themes of belonging and including that are central to how constellations unfold. And they reflect the fullness of life, where we see how every element contributes to the whole.

At this Intensive, we connected with our ancestral lineages for answers to our questions about meaning, place and how to move forward. As a community of warmth, and respect, plus a bit of bravery and humor, together we formed a full circle that helps re-connect us to the greater circle that is always with us. We hope you will be part of that fullness next year!


From the participants:

  • “The 2018 intensive exceeded my expectations! All needs met, ample willingness from everyone to participate, skillful faculty to guide the work and keep it on track.”
  • “A wonderful way to get together as community, to share and grow with others.”
  • “I enjoyed the warmth of the facilitation and the faculty’s clear passion for the work.”
  • “Well organized, hosted and facilitated.”
  • “I appreciate how much thought went into logistics and planning—it really helped have a positive experience.”
  • “I loved the opportunity to see many constellations and diverse ways of facilitating them.”
  • “Full immersion creates a uniquely enriching experience obtained no other way. Sign me up for next year.”
  • “I enjoyed the warmth of the facilitators and their clear passion for the work.”
  • “Thanks so much for doing all that was necessary to put this Intensive together! It was excellent!!”
  • “Having done this work throughout the past 12 years, I’m so grateful for the work done at the intensive that helped me accomplish a longstanding goal.”
  • “I left the intensive on such a high and raved about it to all of my friends.  There are a few times in life that everything comes together…the place, the people…the learning…the setting…the food…and for me it was all there.”
  • “The most valuable thing about the Intensive was the COMMUNITY!”
  • “Such high quality facilitators.”
  • “Love the Intensive format with small groups (cohorts).”
  • “A wonderful opportunity to grow and share and be part of community—a marvelous community.”

Who taught?

The 2018 faculty roster comprised four well known and well loved Constellation trainers:

  • Sarah Peyton
  • JoAnna Chartrand & Dyrian Benz
  • Leslie Nipps

Please check them out on our 2018 Faculty page.

Where was the intensive held?

The 2018 intensive was held in San Anselmo, just north of San Francisco, at the San Francisco Theological Seminary. Please see our 2018 Venue page for more info.

2018 Photo Gallery

What was the 2017 Intensive like?

The 2017 Intensive was also a beautiful success. You can find out more about the 2017 Intensive, including participant testimonials, on our 2017 Intensive page.